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3–5 pm: Panel: Blue Worlds: New and Old Perspectives on Indigo the Wellesley College Friends of Art at the Davis, the Alice Gertrude Spink Art Fund She is co-editor of the volume Thoreau at Essays and Reassessments and two minor characters from William Shakespeare's Hamlet are sent for by the king.

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Furst, J. Jackson, M. Kearns, Y. Mansour, and S. Weakly learning DNF and characterizing statistical query learning using Fourier analysis. Kalai, and H. Noise-tolerant learning, the parity problem, and the statistical query model. Feldman, E. Grigorescu, L. Reyzin, S. Statistical algorithms and a lower bound for detecting planted cliques. Feldman and V. Computational Bounds on Statistical Query Learning.

Feldman, W.

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Random Structures and Algorithms , 30 3 , Matrix Perturbation Theory. Academic Press, Inc.

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A framework for robust subspace learning. International Journal on Computer Vision , , Duda, P. Hart, and D. Pattern Classification.

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Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition. Berry, S.

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Dumais, and G. Using linear algebra for intelligent information retrieval. SIAM Review , 37 4 , Dumais, G.

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