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Gulf Coast Pygmy Sunfish is another micro pet fish with a stunning appearance that you should consider for your home aquarium. This Pygmy Sunfish is the shortest of the species as it grows to a maximum of 1 inch 2. These dwarf fish are beautiful and easy to keep as long you maintain them in the right conditions. The dominant male is especially stunning to watch while coloring up to claim territory — they turn electric blue and black.

From what I have observed and gathered from other aquarists, these fish tend to demand live food like micro-worms and insects over prepared food. A densely planted aquarium with soft water is also necessary because it is a resemblance to their natural habitat in the wild. The males put on intense and impressive colors, especially during the mating season which is pretty much constantly after they become comfortable enough. From what I have seen, the Dwarf Pencilfish are very active, especially in blackwater aquarium conditions where they tend to be more at home.

This makes them feel secure and confident enough to move around in the aquarium. Of course, this calls for a gallon tank at the very least. I would also recommend that you only add them to a matured aquarium where stable water conditions can be guaranteed, as per my personal experience with these guys. Typically, the Dwarf Pencilfish grow up to 0.

The Dwarf Rasbora has become trendy because of its entertaining schooling behavior and its peaceful disposition, which makes it a bearable companion among other tank-mates. This pretty dwarf aquarium pet fish grows to a maximum of only 1 inch 2. If you are not a fish expert, you could hardly differentiate it from its cousin, the Chili Rasbora.

I once heard some suspicious buyers whisper that the two are actually the same species from different environmental conditions.

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I just chuckled. The Boraras Maculatus thrives best on varied meat food: bloodworms I suggest you chop them , micro-worms, etc. Also, maintain clean aquarium water on which densely chunks of plants float to make the lights dim as this micro fish does not really like bright lighting.

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With a full-size of 0. However, they easily get stressed and distracted from shoaling when housed together with harassing tankmates.

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Also, provide hiding places in the form of aquarium decoration or live plants just in case they are frightened which is bound to happen once in a while. I love watching these Amazon River natives as they have lovely round bodies and a black strip right across the dorsal fin. The smallest aquarium size I recommend for housing them is a gallons of water for living space. On top of that, ensure there are rocks and plants and the current is moderate because they are very active explorers.

Secondly, I have for five years had Rosy Loaches in one of my aquariums so I can speak from personal experience here. What impressed me most when I just had these small fish was how fast they adapted to the new environment without any hitches. They get bold once in a large group of, say, Because of their endless curiosity, your aquarium should have plenty of plants, driftwood, and rockwork to be lively for them.

Yet, you still have to leave enough clear space for shoaling, especially in mid-water as rosy loaches are middle to bottom aquarium dwellers. I have noted that they rarely prey on snails though. Maybe just my Rosy Loaches are nice to snails. Maintain them with a fleshy diet supplemented with vegetables if you want to enjoy watching their vibrant orange coloration. Each of them wants to be the leader of the group.

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However, this competition to be in charge rarely ends up in a fight. I have also observed that at other times some of them form distinct territories that are supposed to be no-go zones of sorts. I would say that the longest Rosy Loach I have seen in my aquarium measures about 1. The Least killifish is also the smallest livebearer fish in the world discovered to date. Unlike other livebearers, which produce all the fry at once during the breeding, the female Least Killifish produces hers sparingly. This tiny freshwater aquarium fish is easy to care for because it easily adapts to various water conditions.

Keeping the Celestial Pearl Danio

Again, it is peaceful and friendly by nature its name has nothing to do with killing so it can co-exist with other species. The following set up will guarantee you excellent results: Ph of 7. Pepper Corydoras, sometimes called peppered corys, are one very relaxed freshwater fish and is a good choice for micro aquariums. What would you call a fish that hardly swims to the top, and instead is content with scourging the substrate for food or, perhaps, for fun? No, a-down-to-substrate fish….

Well, it hovers along the tank bottom and if it sights some food there, it charges for it at once like a rhino. Okay, it does come to the surface to gulp in oxygen from time to time as it has the ability to do so through special organs. Still, on peace, I should point out that Pepper Corydoras are among the few fish types that never get aggressive with each other during mating. I kind of respect them for that.

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This dwarf fish originates from Brazil and Uruguay, but I have heard unverified reports that it has natural habitats in many other South American countries. In their natural homes, they feed on insects and plants so try to provide a similar diet for them in the aquarium. Therefore, the tank you prepare for them should contain boundaries between them, especially males.

Again, they are not what I would call shoaling fish. How do you shoal when you fight to the death over everything from food, mates to space? But other times rarely they bury the hatchet and try to put up a show. Please do not get the impression that the Dario Dario is by nature hot-headed; they are actually peaceful as long as there are no others like them to compete with. If you are looking for some weird tiny fish to add to your beautiful freshwater tank as a contrast, go for this. Have I mentioned it is somewhat colorless?

You do not want to imagine what these dwarf fish would look like if it were the size of, say, an adult dinosaur. The Chili Rasbora is sometimes called Mosquito Rasbora and is a peaceful fish you could catch from the Indonesian rivers.

The Celestial Pearl Danio: A Cautionary Tale

They are as well one of the best nano species of fish in terms of coloration, especially if you keep them in a larger group like 10 or 12 where their confidence level is high. It also helps to put them together with tankmates of their size or temperament, such as shrimps, pygmy Corydoras and small Caridina. An adult Chili Rasbora is about 0. Maintaining stable water chemistry is beneficial for the wellbeing of these fish. This micro fish species was first collected by a Chinese boy scout leader who promptly named it Tanichthys.

He would not wait for the scientists to do the naming! For a better coloration display, you should put The White Cloud Minnow up against a dark substrate in a heavily-planted aquarium. White Cloud Mountain Minnows are most definitely the best nano fish for a cold water temperature that can be kept in unheated aquariums. In fact, warmer temperature ranges would result in a short life and a weak immune system for the White Cloud Mountain Minnows. This mini fish is so peaceful that it would rather eat the leftovers or even nothing than compete for food.

If you do not shut the top of your aquarium, this seemingly timid tiny fish would sometimes jump out to its inevitable death. Though I said they could tolerate hard aquarium conditions, I do not encourage you to stress them just because they are survivors.

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The longest White Cloud Minnow I have seen was about 1. Otherwise, the fish is easy to maintain and I would recommend it for a beginner who is yet to fully comprehend the wonders of fish-keeping. This is because their natural habitat is green and forested and much of that ends up in the riverbed. Coming from such a habitat, the Ember Tetras are cool dwarf fish that have learned to be fast swimmers and shoal around the middle level of the tank.

With a full-grown maximum size of 0. On rare occasions an adult may reach 0.

Though tiny, these fish are easy to recognize for they are red in color, with orange-rimmed eyes. Feed them regularly on high-quality pellet food. The decomposing wastes raise ammonia or nitrites concentrations, which are both extremely toxic to live fish. Again, as I like to say, the ball is in your court. It took me about 5 days of work to Aquanswer your concerns about relevant species for a thriving nano fish tank. I did some heavy research in order to come up with the freshwater micro fish that are among the smallest ones in the aquarium hobby, even in their adult stage of life.