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It is believed that he was the first preacher of Christianity in Ohrid where he christened thousands on the White Lake. The date of his birth is not known.

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As a young man he became bishop of Antioch. Diocletian referred to him as young and beautiful, but he tormented him because of his faith in Christ.

The Macedonian Slavic tradition ascribes him certain missionary activities for a period of nearly ten years , naming him the first and true missionary in Ohrid. The angel led him out of the terrible darkness and took him to the City of Light, where he immediately started preaching the Gospel of Christ and performing numerous miracles: he restored sight to the blind, and healed those suffering from various illnesses.

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We find proof that he existed, preached Christianity, performed miracles and was a martyr in his hagiographies. His cult has been well-kept in Ohrid since the time it was called the City of Light Lihnidos. That is why he will forever remain known as St. Erasmus of Lihnidos. Andronikus II — Paleologus and St. Archangel Michael. Ohrid devoted a beautiful monastery, built in a cave along the road Ohrid-Struga, near the very shore of the lake to his early Christian preacher. The frescoes, including the character of St. Erasmus, originated from the 12th century.

An early-Christian basilica from the 3rd-4th century, dedicated to St.

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Erasmus was discovered in the vicinity. Here at Virtual Macedonia, we love everything about our country, Republic of Macedonia. We at the Virtual Macedonia are grateful for your generosity as we continue to pursue our mission.

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A woman visits Cordoba's roadside sanctuary for La Difunta Correa. People erect sanctuaries along the nation's roads, leaving bottles of water to quench the folk saint's eternal thirst. In a dusty slum of Buenos Aires called La Carcova sits a tiny structure made of garbage that was built by Carlos Marquez, who spent 15 years in prison for armed robbery.

Marquez lives in the slum and maintains the sanctuary, which he dedicates to his favorite folk saints, San La Muerte and Gauchito Gil. Legend has it, before the thief's throat was slit by police on Jan. Now, hundreds of thousands of devotees come each year exchanging offerings for miracles. But Gauchito Gil's story is downright ancient compared to Gilda's.

Born Miriam Alejandra Bianchi in , Gilda was a popular Argentinean singer who died in a bus crash in along with her family and band members.

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Soon after her death, her fans started attributing miracles to her and calling her a saint. Each year on her birthday, October 11, people gather outside her tomb, bringing gifts and flowers. A follower of Argentina's late singer Gilda places burning candles at her sanctuary in Entre Rios. Although the Catholic church doesn't recognize Gilda as a saint, many Argentine Catholics pray to the popular Cumbia singer who died in a bus crash.

A follower of Gauchito Gil reaches to touch a cross at a sanctuary in his honor in Alejandro Korn. Followers of popular folk saint Gauchito Gil, some dressed like him, gather at a sanctuary built in his honor in Alejandro Korn.

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