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3–5 pm: Panel: Blue Worlds: New and Old Perspectives on Indigo the Wellesley College Friends of Art at the Davis, the Alice Gertrude Spink Art Fund She is co-editor of the volume Thoreau at Essays and Reassessments and two minor characters from William Shakespeare's Hamlet are sent for by the king.

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If it gets rejected, you can still submit it somewhere else. In principle, there is no difference between being a private person or coming from a prestigious science factory although in practice there might be some difference. A thesis is usually a requirement for an academic degree. Since you are not interested in academic degrees I advice you not to pursue a thesis which would also likely require some studies before , but concentrate on research papers.

Contact a suitable person, research group leader, If you can find someone, do your part and give your home address as affiliation when writing the paper. It may be harder to write a research paper on your own than when being employed as a scientist but it is also not forbidden and the process of getting the paper peer-reviewed and published is exactly the same. Some journals charge you for the publication of a research paper with them. If you do the research and publication on your own, you'll have to pay these fees.

In you are in a collaboration, your partners from academia will likely pay these fees, so this might be the cheaper variant.

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It can also depend as others have said on what governing bodies or institutions play a role in your field. In my field, a dominant accrediting body has strict guidelines and ethical bylaws covering field research. You have to submit your proposal and consent forms to a board before even getting their blessing to go ahead with the research and part of being in compliance is being accredited aka a postgrad degree. If not you'll be automatically rejected.

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You could probably do a meta-study or survey without it in this field, but no hard research. I like Trilarion's answer best though.

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  • Worst comes to worst you write a kickass paper and don't get published. That would only put you in the same boat as almost all degree and non-degree holders out there. I am going to assume that you have access to a strong set of journals through an academic library and that you have more than sufficient resources to carry out the research. If that is the case, then yes you can do it on your own. Your greatest challenge is the challenge a person with a doctorate faces when doing research outside their discipline, which is reading and understanding the literature.

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    For my own work, I found myself at the edges of my discipline and in the edges of another discipline. In the end, I took graduate courses to do catch up. I needed to learn about Borel tribes, Greenian functions, analytic functions in the complex plane and the residue around a singularity or pole. Without professional guidance, I would have probably come to the wrong conclusions. There are little things in the literature that turn out to be big deal, but they are not prominent in the literature because everyone with a doctorate in the field knows about them.

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    As you move up the literature of a field you get further and further away from an undergraduate level of discussion. Because academic papers are judged, in part, on the observed writing level of the author, you may have a limited ability to avoid being "desk rejected. Desk rejection is a journal editor's tool to prevent low-quality articles from reaching reviewers. It also prevents high-quality articles, that also would not be of interest to the journal's audience, from reaching reviewers.

    You cannot just send your papers to any journal, they have to match what the audience is looking for. If I were you, I would go back to a professor I had in college and tell them what you are wanting to do. I would ask for some time to talk about what the research is, why you are motivated to do it, and what obstacles you are likely to encounter. The bulk of research is planning. The actual results and so forth take up very little time usually. There are a couple of advantages to this. First, your research may already have been done. It may even have been done repeatedly.

    Second, you may find that there are known problems in the field that researchers spend a lot of time accounting for that you know nothing about. Let's imagine your data normally suffers from heteroskedasticity, you cannot just run some computer program to correct for it because you will need to know which type of computer program to run for it. Heteroskedasticity is caused by different things.

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    If your type of data is known to suffer from heteroskedasticity and you do not address this in your paper then you are going to be desk rejected because you obviously don't know enough about your field for anyone to take the time to carefully look at the paper. Yes, you can submit a paper for peer review, but you will be held to graduate level standards.

    If you decide to do this, go get help first. Even if this is research in history, get help. If your thesis is far away from the field because it already considered your idea and discarded it, then unless you have amazing new raw data, such discovering a treasure trove of new letters by Robert E. Lee, then you will also get desk rejected. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Where can I do a research paper or thesis without enrolling in a college or university?

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    Asked 2 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 10k times. Somewhat duplicate of academia. I wrote an excellent answer to this question and posted it to a QA site not affiliated with Stack Exchange. It's on a piece of paper on my wall. If your proposed research involves human subjects, or even animal mammal?

    In the U. The main reasons are that in order to pursue cutting edge research, one usually needs access to all relevant publications; regular exchange of ideas with other researchers; access to hardware for performing the research tasks.

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    Walter Walter 5, 1 1 gold badge 15 15 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges. Just as a one data point partial counterpoint: I have published unaffiliated single author papers in very good journals, with all research performed without an affiliation's resources, and with no underlying grants or support at all, basically; I don't recommend this. But I also have a Ph. Being Dr. Unaffilated with a CV helps. Walter I did say it was a partial counterpoint. For 2 I have no recent conference attendances, as I can't afford them, so I have virtually no contact with new researchers. But the glory of e-mail allows me to communicate with the few researchers I already know. But point being, being an unaffiliated solo author is not automatically a death knell, at least if you don't start out so.

    If you are a planner you will have terrible anxiety from all of the last minute assignments with no info posted on D2L about it and unclear guidelines given. If you are not an experienced writer get ready for an F. Classes will be treated like advanced classes. Amy is an amazing person and instructor.

    I can not speak highly enough of her. She made me feel like I actually liked writing. She broke down large papers into sections so they were more bearable. I definitely would take a class from her again. Professor Amy Fladeboe is a very kind person. She is tough and wants us to do our best.

    She gives great feedback on essays and helps a lot. I recommend Professor Fladeboe. Cool and fun teacher. Passed her class with an A. Amy is a fantastic professor. She cares about her students.