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Cancel Copy Done. Delete post? Cancel Delete. This will remove the reply from the Answers section. Stress to your builder that you want to build an old-school log cabin, not a showcase home. If you want to provide some of the materials, spell this out to your builder. You can find bargains on items such as cabinets, appliances, flooring and lumber by watching classified ads in your local newspaper or by visiting scores of bargain-hunter sites online.

In many areas, Habitat For Humanity operates stores filled with all manner of used building materials at reasonable prices. I have some modest carpentry skills and lots of buddies who could help me build a cabin on weekends. Give it to me straight: Should I really embark on such a project? Go for it! Most of them thoroughly enjoyed the experience and did respectable work. Cabins are great places to test your skills or develop new ones. With a little research and some basic tools, most of the tasks in cabin building are within reach of almost everyone. You also may want to contract with a pro for rough carpentry. In a tiny cabin, a simple fireplace may be all you need.

Remember, however, that fireplaces are notoriously inefficient. If you need more heating capacity, consider a wood or pellet stove. Some people heat small cabins with wall-mounted propane heaters. Be careful of this option. There are many more heating options as you move up the price scale. For example, a concrete slab floor with radiant heat—served from a tankless hot-water heater or rooftop solar collector—is an efficient heating option.

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But the upfront cost will be more than even a top-of-the-line stove. However, if you plan on using your cabin for extended periods in cold weather, the lower operating cost may tip the balance. Unless your cabin is in the desert, your best cooling options are open windows and a nice cross breeze. Make sure your cabin site will be protected from weather and shaded from the summer sun. Of course, small window or ceiling fans can help when breezes fail to cool you off on steamy August nights.

What are some design tricks I can employ to keep maintenance to a minimum? No matter what the size of your log home, the same rules apply—although there are a couple twists with cabins. Make sure your cabin is well above ground level and has roof overhangs that are at least 2 feet.

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Most building codes call for at least 8 inches clearance between the ground and top of the foundation wall. Try to set your cabin at 16 inches. Imagine your cabin as being just dropped into its setting.

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Remove only those trees necessary for construction and those that might threaten the roof. Trees within 10 to 20 feet of the cabin will require special attention to survive. How do I keep critters from making my cabin their home? Most cabin memories include tales of the skunk that moved into the crawlspace or the raccoon that climbed down the chimney and dismantled the pantry.

Such stories are part of cabin life and live on through generations of family lore.